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Welcome to our Website / Blog

We are 3D fanatics and want to share that with you.

This Blog is linked to our YouTube channel and the items we post on YouTube will have a related post here on this site, easy for you to read back what the video was about, and more details and pictures on what we covered.

We have already uploaded a video from Jasper, he covered the SD card Fix, for when your SD card is not representing the actual size, he explains how to fix this.

Next topics will be the Full upgrade for an Creality Ender 3, to a Kick Ass Ender 3 to END the ENDERS:

The Fly RRF 3 E3 controller board Running RepRap Firmware 3.
that just replaces the current 8-bit noisy stepper driver board,

Sensor less homing. (bye bye Endstop switches)

Auto Bed Leveling with a Inductive sensor.

Linear Rails, instead of the goofy rubber wheels, that wear out if too much tightened.

Dual Z Lead screws.

Magnetic Build plate.

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